Are There Enough Condoms in London for Olympians?

A strange story has been popularized by the London media during the past few months: there is a shortage of condoms in the Olympic Village.

Are Olympians copulating at an unprecedented rate? Do the Games double as a hippy love-fest for athletes? WWWCD? What Would Wilt Chamberlain Do?

History of Condom Use in the Olympics

The 2000 Sydney Games and 2004 Athens Games offered athletes an average of 8 condoms each, while 2008 Beijing dropped to 6 per person.

In Sydney, where prostitution is legal, sex workers actually had to be shipped into the country to meet demands. And the initial 70,000 condoms proved insufficient, so an additional 20,000 were ordered.

100,000 condoms were distributed in Beijing, with international organizations working to prevent the transmission of HIV and other STDs.

This year, condom sponsor Durex is topping that figure by giving away 150,000 free rubbers!

Are Olympians Having Prolific Amounts of Sex?

Some people speculate that the close proximity of beautifully sculpted athletes leads to an unheard of amount of sexual intercourse. Some would say that it is part of an enormous celebration and a release after years of rigorous training. But there is further belief that it is an inside joke between Olympians to take all of the condoms, which leads to stories like this one getting reported.

Whether it is a legitimate Dionysian orgy or simply a ruse, we are glad to hear that athletes are at least taking condom use seriously. Best of luck to the Olympians in their endeavors, on and off the field.

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